About Us

Lost and Found Books is a small, independently owned pop-up bookstore that sells used books in the local Wichita Falls area. We travel around to different local business storefronts and set up shop to bring you the gift of reading.

All of the books at Lost and Found Books have been curated from local library sales, garage sales, or donations from friends. To me, there is nothing better than the smell of an old book and the surprise of finding another reader's musings in the margin.

The name Lost and Found Books is a nod to those of us who needed to take a new, different path in life and the light that comes when it is found. It is an homage to that feeling you get when you find that perfect book you've been looking for in the bottom of a bin (that aha! moment). It is the feeling you have when you find a home away from what you think of as your home.

I hope Lost and Found Books can give you the happiness it is giving me. 

Support local business and read more books!

--Claire, Owner & Founder of Lost and Found Books